I’m sure you have gotten the numerous texts and emails from companies determined to wish you a happy customer week. It can be a little annoying, especially when you know some of those companies has previously been unavailable for you. It is especially annoying when you know that next week, they will be back to ignoring you.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could celebrate our customers every day of the year?

How do we make our customers feel special every day of the year? The key to making this happen would be treat every day and every customer like it is customer appreciation week. Every customer who walks in your doors should feel like the first and last customer. Strive to continuously improve the customer experience by testing your systems. What happens when a customer calls your organization? How do they feel when they walk in your door? What is the quality of the product or service they get?

Remember that your brand is what people say about you. Help direct this narrative by giving consistently good service, every day of the year.

Improve on this every day and I assure you, it will be customer appreciation week every day!