Mary (not her real name); is a grocery seller in the expansive Ngara market. She is invaluable to me. Why? Because she knows what my grocery needs are even before I do! She sends me reminders on items she feels I may be out of, and even goes as far as deliver my groceries right to my door.

She is in the business of providing nourishment and convenience to her customers.


A common question that will invariably pop up in conversation is ‘What do you do?’ Now Mary may be tempted to say, ‘I am a grocer.’ As you have probably deduced by now, she is far from just a grocer. She has thought through how to make the lives of her busy customers as comfortable and convenient as possible and has been able to monetize this value she adds to our lives.


The next question to address is ‘how do you do it?’ Mary would say, ‘by selecting the freshest, tastiest produce for my customers and ensuring I deliver it to their doorstep’. Think through what pain you address for your customers. How do you do it differently from anyone else in the same space as you? That would be what we call your unique selling proposition.

In a crowded market such as what we have in today’s busy world, it is important to stand out. Pick the thing you think makes you special and work at it until you are world class at it. Measure yourself by asking your customers’ opinion. After all, you’re doing it for them!

Which leads me to the next question – who is ‘them’?

Mary would say, busy executives and corporate women who probably travel a lot, have families or households to run, and have no time to go to the market, but want their families to eat nourishing food. This is her target customer base. See how her unique selling proposition locks into the pain point of her customers? It makes it easy for her to define what she does and how she does it.

Whatever industry or field you operate in, I encourage you to ask yourself these questions:

What do I do?

How do I do it?

Whom do I do it for?

What makes me stand out?


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