We were a start-up once upon a time…

I remember with nostalgia how exciting, terrifying, exhilarating and exhausting it was. Starting out on a new business venture can often be all of these things! The biggest headache is mostly financial resources; or lack thereof. Embarking on a branding project is usually not top on the list of priorities for a start-up. Yet it is so important!

With the wisdom of hindsight, I now know how important it was for me to start building our branding assets from the get go. It would have given us a lot more mileage and probably opened doors that were closed for us when we were a smaller company and mostly unknown.

Why is it so important to build your brand from the start?

Well, first it gives you a much larger presence than you have. We as humans are hard wired to start making judgements about people from the moment we meet them. I can’t tell you how many times I have been impressed by a company’s brand only to be surprised by their relatively small size. Done well, branding will give you a voice that is consistent, a product or service that is well dressed, and a presence that is unforgettable.

Additionally, a well-done brand will make it easy for your target market to identify you and what you stand for. This is where colour, image, typography, language & tone come in. (We will discuss those in another article). This will give you an edge in today’s crowded market; helping you stand out and define who you are easily.


So how do we justify the cost for a startup?

Think of it this way: if done well, a branding exercise should serve you for a number of years without need for a refresh. Let’s say it lasts you ten years; whatever amount you paid for it will have given you an awesome return on your investment by then.

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